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Awards, Recognition, Interviews, and Celebrities: A Six-Month Recap

The last half-year has felt like something straight out of a blockbuster movie. With every month passing, the lights have shone brighter on our mission and efforts, placing us in the limelight, often surrounded by familiar faces, golden accolades, and enthusiastic press coverage.

Interviews and Accolades: A Testament to Our Mission

Within these short six months, we have found ourselves amidst whirlwinds of interviews, thrusting us into the spotlight due to the overwhelming impact our services have made. The sheer number is impressive: over 120 key Wellbeing activities have been efficiently delivered, each tailored to support both Physical and Mental Health. But beyond the numbers, it's the real stories and lives touched that truly matter.

Honors and Awards: The Crown Jewel

Our volunteers, the lifeblood of our organization, haven’t gone unnoticed. Their relentless dedication and commitment were celebrated with the prestigious Kings Coronation Champion Award. Such recognition is a testament to their passion and the difference they make every day.

And the accolades didn't stop there. Even as I pen down these words, our excitement knows no bounds. We have been shortlisted as finalists in the VAL awards, vying for the title of the Best Social Enterprise in Leicester and Leicestershire. This nomination is a massive nod to our vision, dedication, and the palpable difference we're making.

When Celebrities Walked In: Chiggs’s Visit

Speaking of familiar faces, the icing on the cake was when Chiggs, the talented finalist from the BBC Bake Off series 2021, graced our hub. Beyond his baking prowess, Chiggs delved deep into his Mental Health journey, sharing poignant tales of how baking was his therapeutic escape. His story resonated with many and highlighted the diverse ways individuals cope and find their solace.

Looking Ahead: Capturing Stories on Film

Our journey doesn't stop here. As we move forward, there’s excitement brewing on the horizon. We're teaming up with a local filmmaker to produce a video detailing the health journeys of our volunteers. It promises to be an intimate portrayal, capturing the raw, unfiltered experiences of our volunteers – the heart and soul of our organization.

To our supporters, stakeholders, volunteers, and everyone who believes in our cause, your faith fuels our fire. Here's to many more interviews, awards, recognitions, and perhaps, celebrity visits in the future!

Stay tuned, and remember: together, we're making a difference.

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